Raffle Winners at the 2020, 7th Annual Passion & Romance Valentines Party

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1st Prize Winner.jpg

1st Prize Winner

Fay Dunbar

(Was present at the event)

Raffle Prize: 55 Inch Smart TV

2nd Prize Winner.jpg

2nd Prize Winner

Maggie Miller

(Was present at the event)

Raffle Prize: 6 Quart Air Fryer

3rd Prize Winner.jpg

3rd Prize Winner

(Name Witheld)

(Was present at the event)

Raffle Prize: Amazon Fire HD - Tablet

4th Prize Winner.jpg

4th Prize Winner

Guy Fisher

(Guy Fisher was not present at the event. The prize was picked up for delivery to Guy Fisher by FOTC member, Desmond McLean who sold the ticket)

Raffle Prize: Amazon FireTV Stick- 4K


Raffle Winners at the 2019, 6th Annual Passion & Romance Valentines Party



1st   Prize  - Ticket #001472  - Carol W.            55 in Digital Smart TV

2nd Prize  - Ticket #001414  - Jonathan L.       Lg 3.5L Deep Flyer

3rd  Prize  - Ticket #001176  - Natara L.           Romantic Gift Basket

4th  Prize  - Ticket #001566 - Arlene G.           Standard Oil Change

5th  Prize  - Ticket #001150  - Trinity J.            Coffee Maker

6th  Prize  - Ticket #001476 - Natara M.          Toaster Oven

7th  Prize  - Ticket #001700 - Richard (?).        Massage

8th  Prize  - Ticket #001200 - Guy F.               Couples Basket



Raffle Winners at Jerk Fest 2018

1st Prize - HP Laptop

Basil Johnson

Ticket No. 012942

Prize Collected 9/2/2018


2nd Prize - Fire Tablet

Lorraine Bryan Phone

Ticket No. 01262

Prize Collected 9/2/2018


3rd Prize - Echo Dot

Louise Ramsey

Ticket No. 01031

Prize Scheduled to be collected